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About me and all around are various boxes of previously pre-formatted and ground up bits of squashed and rinsed before baking portions of what were previously living plants and animals before they were salted, packed, and processed by old ladies that tried to find better jobs but whom were replaced by machines before their pensions were stolen by the green meanie head gang of energy snitching ego-maniacal suit wearing bozos who only cared about killing the shrimp and the lobsters to fill their fat bellies in order to fulfill the requirements of buying larger chairs for themselves and everyone around them to sit around large waxy topped tables in towers so high a bird would give up trying to spit the days seeds on a their ritzy glassed city gaze square view ports before they would ever come back down to find the same spit of seeds on the windows of their chauffeur led black bullet proof wagons that roll them around. But you already knew that.
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from above
S1ne.Metu (skype)
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Activities are usually what happens when i do be but sometimes i be doing instead just for fun cuz that's me and when the phone rings i look it sort of funny before i try and figure out just why it has all those wires inside when the air is out here. Other times its just plain silly to roam around smelling plastic roses in dusty old halls where the cow corrals lead all the people in lines so they hurry down the concrete wagon ways just to wait there for hours as the real roses are crying so lonely without bees. But you knew that already, too.
only when i am thinking about something i want to focus on a lot before it decide to do something about it and then only long enough until that gets all finished unless somebody else comes up with a better idea and still needs my help but for the most part i would rather just give it to the world so whatever it was that was in my mind at the time i was focused becomes real faster that way, but everyone knows that, so why did you ask? Silly head.
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uh huh.
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You mean they still have those things here? Wow... you are REALLY old paradigm, huh.
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Birds in the park are pretty funny movies but i also like moving trees and the leaves in the summer when the snow is only falling in other places around where its just too far for the light to bend around long enough to watch it movie too.
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I have read most of my favorite books, yes, thanks you for asking. :D There is a short list of books i still need to read but they are all out of print now. Go figure that! WOW.
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Yes many people like my words so borrow them all the time and certainly you are welcome to do the same if you can only free your mind so thanks you again for asking

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